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Anthony recently lectured final year students at the London School of Osteopathy on the subject of “Communication & Consent”


Anthony has been appointed as a panel chairman for the Nursing & Midwifery profession [ NMC] fitness to practice committee.


Everybody within the practice has worked very hard to make things safe for patients to attend. Infection control and social distancing measures have been implemented.


Osteopathy News

The gardening season is here. Here are some tips to avoid serious injury:


• Pace yourself. Avoid prolonged bending when weeding etc.

• Change activities e.g. prune for a while and then weed etc.

• Try to keep your back straight when digging

• Before you start, do some very gentle stretches to warm up

• Avoid getting over tired as that is often when injuries occur. Take breaks. Drink water to avoid dehydration

• If you have to lift, keep things as close to your body as possible as they get heavier the further away you hold them. Better to have a dirty jumper than back pain!

• Afterwards avoid sitting on a low sofa as this may aggravate back pain

• Keep gently mobile afterwards



Remember your garden will still be there tomorrow

Osteopathy news

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