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• Osteopathy is an established recognised system of diagnosis & treatment

• It examines the structure & function of the body & how the parts of the body [bones, joints, ligaments, discs, muscles, tendons & nerves] work together

• A breakdown of the body’s normal working patterns can result in unnecessary stress, strain & pain.

• This can be caused by one major event or the cumulative effect of repetitive minor strains

• An Osteopath assesses each patient’s individual normal mechanical working pattern and, by gentle manipulation of bones, joints, & soft tissues, works to remove restrictions which may be preventing normal mobility, blood flow, nerve supply or muscle activity

• This will in turn help to alleviate the symptoms

Identification and treatment of your problem

Should I see an Osteopath?

Visit our clinic and one of our dedicated experienced osteopaths will carry out a thorough and detailed assessment of your physical condition, helping us to identify any problems that exist. We can then determine the most effective course of treatment tailored to your specific circumstances.

ARE YOU IN PAIN? Although you want to rid yourself of the pain, and that will be our primary initial focus too, the important thing is to remove as best as possible the reasons for it being there in the first place. That way it will hopefully not come back.


As osteopaths we are trained to look not just at the cause of a problem, but also the pre-disposing and maintaining factors.

Why Osteopathy?

How we can help you

Stop worrying about your pain, feel in control.


Once you understand your problem and reasons for it occurring, it becomes easier to move forward knowing what to do, and, of equal importance, what things need to be changed.


We will offer on-going support, as well as osteopathic treatment, including advice on whatever issues appear relevant e.g. exercises, diet, stress, management, posture, hobbies, etc.


The wonderful thing about seeing our Southend osteopaths is that you get time to be listened to. Having this time to talk to our osteopaths enables us to gain insights into what factors have contributed to create their problem.

Stress can often cause muscles to tighten up, affecting your posture & causing neck and upper back pain. Modern living and spending all day using a computer can also have the same effect.


Osteopathic treatment can help you, and we can give you advice to minimise these problems.

Suffering from stress & tension?

Headaches Tennis Elbow

To see how we can help you, book a consultation at our clinic by calling 01702 332 424